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Spaze has spent over 10 years in the property development market, creating vibrant and innovative assets that appeal to consumers from a variety of backgrounds. Since its incorporation, it has constructed outstanding real estate developments such as commercial structures, IT Parks, residential enclaves, and retail spaces with remarkable layouts, elements, and construction. It has successfully designed and executed around 11 commercial spaces, 1-2 IT Parks, and 4 residential developments to date, and looks ahead to introducing a multitude of office and retail spaces and shopping malls in the Delhi/NCR region. Spaze combines client objectives and insights with a unique approach to present customers with contemporary commercial and home listings. It analyzes the needs and desires of clients to offer them the most suitable developments. To offer high-quality real estate assets, the team of impeccable design professionals integrates their distinctive expertise with the right location, value, and amenities.

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Grand Central 114

By Spaze Group

Sector 114, Gurugram

100 Sq. Yd.

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